Arkenstone (part 1)

Minas tirith

Not every time you visit a lost place, you discover, afterwards, that it holds the second biggest (known) gypsum geode in the world.


This place is huge.
Also, we didn’t fully explore it, just took the main path lengthwise, as we had other things to do in the day.


We just ignored that building, as it wasn’t clear how to descend to it. The big red pile of rubble are residues extracted from the mine. It warns about it being unstable. (but you make it look like a child park, yeah, very wise)


Main shaft, machinery building and electrical transformer house. They are not in the worst state of decay that I have ever seen, I suppose because it has some visitors to the geode, wich explains the brand new cement and fence in the shaft.
I did throw a rock inside, but was pretty uneventful. :/


Some buildings belonging to a nearby quarry.


There’s not much left.


My best guess is that this is a mineral wagon loader of some sort.


This was the abandoned station belonging to the mine. It resides just beside two great big holes (black spots on the main map) wich left me in awe. However, I could not take photos that reflect their inmensity. They just let you know that beneath their rocky faces, there where some big holes, wich I can’t wait to see from above with the drone.


I did manage to find a path to the side rightmost hole, and found this entry shaft of sorts, wich revealed quite a big, big interior chamber, altough in the photo you can’t really apreciate the depth or size.
In a second part I’ll explore it from above.

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