House Atreides

This house greets you from the top of a small hill. It just sits there, watching time go by, not worrying about our small lives.

Walls are mostly in good shape, unlike the roofs, but that could be vandalism.

Nothing remarkable about it, other than the slightly churchy shape.

As like everything else in the Dune series, a slight opulency in the arquitectonic style, makes for a weird feeling while being inside.

This house might be something left in Caladan by the beginning of the golden path, when the house atreides origins are long forgotten by most.

From the back it looks absolutely unremarkable.

Crossing it back. The entrance has this je ne sais quoi, that says it was beautiful in past times. Probably the octogonal shape.

I wonder why is that small ceiling patch still holding. :/

Till next time, space cowboys!

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