Chtulhu, is it you?

Glympsed this while browsing Google Earth, and decided to go check it out. Maybe they where some cables from an old machine, or something like that.

I went up a steep hill in the left, and the hillside had bits and bobs of glass, plastic and wood here and there. Once on top, an awful smell assaulted me on arrival. It’s not that it was the smell of death, but for sure my nose was telling me that was not a normal smell from a deserted hill.

Then this greeted me while going forward (left to right in the satellite picture)

What I thought cables, where big ass pipes (like 100mm), connected to those “cans”. WTF

Kept walking to the hub…just to find this:

Then everything snapped together. The many kinds of litter in the hillside, the awful smell, the tubes…

This was the top of a reclaimed landfill, and that is a burner for gases expelled from the residues.

Internet says:

Odors in landfill gas are caused primarily by hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which are produced during breakdown of waste material. For example, if construction and demolition debris contain large quantities of wallboard (also called drywall or gypsum board), large amounts of hydrogen sulfide can be formed. Hydrogen sulfide has the foul smell of rotten eggs, while ammonia has a strong pungent odor. Humans can detect hydrogen sulfide and ammonia odors at very low levels in air, generally below levels that would cause health effects.

So, I quickly retraced my steps and got my ass out there as fast as I could!

Be safe kids!

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