Into the rabbit hole.

I was keen on investigating this place, the 10m in diameter topmost mineshafts promised to be very interesting. I wondered tough about the abandoned houses, they didn’t look much like mining complexes.

Arriving to the scene…

Nothing to see here…

Nothing here either.
These buildings had no part in mining. Dang!

Lets go explore!
If this was a game, I would jump right in, however, these places fascinate as well as scare the shit out of me. It is a strange feeling.

Left, entrances and collapses. Right, biggest shafts in the complex.


Aaaaaand…I couldn’t reach to better see. DANG!

The terrain looked too unstable to go around the wall, so I had to leave it at this and go look at the Swiss Cheese wall.

I definitely need a drone to further explore places like this. They are WAAAAY too dangerous to go alone to explore further.

And that’s it for today!

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